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the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

“I have these two views of the world that I believe few people in Silicon Valley understand. The first is this idea about culture. I think all global culture is lead by American Culture. Which is led by Black Culture.

I live in the earliest adopting region on the planet (Silicon Valley) and it knows very little about the earliest adopted culture on the planet (Black Culture).”


- Tristan Walker, founder of Walker Brands (Bevel & Form), 2017 The Breakfast Club Interview

Black Culture has always been a differentiator in business and entrepreneurship. From the merger of Hip Hop and Fashion starting with Adidas and Run-DMC, to French and British designers using Ankara prints to add dimension to Spring fashion trends - black culture is behind some of the most defining moments in business and pop culture, to-date.

There is a vibrancy that exists within black and African communities that is influential and far too often misappropriated by others. Black and African communities are embracing entrepreneurship faster than any other demographic group, creating businesses driven by purpose. Their ideas are rich in innovation and social impact; however, this isn't reflected in the mainstream narrative. While responding to the overlooked needs of their community has become a huge differentiator, Black and African business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to get their ideas heard, validated, and even funded. 

Welcome to THE PATH gives voice to millennial founders and leaders across the diaspora and the culture that thrives within the communities they serve. We aim to highlight how they leverage their experiences and identity to foster innovation across multiple industry sectors and consumer markets. 

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Launched May 2017, Welcome to THE PATH is a media platform and digital community exploring the impact and influence of pan-African culture in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, economics, and tech within the U.S. and around the globe.  

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