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this list covers it all. This isn't designed to be a "catch all" but rather a starting point, highlighting startups and founders who are leveraging data and new technologies to make business faster and people smarter.

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*Note: Founder information and company descriptions are pulled from LinkedIn and/or company websites and reflects the language of each entity. Funding information is sourced from Crunchbase, Venture for Africa, and/or other reputable news outlets. All information provide is 100% curated by THE PATH. Lists will be continuously updated, with new companies and founders added throughout the month.


Founded: 2014

Mico Yuk, Founder & CEO

City: Atlanta, GA

BI Brainz is a global BI & Analytics consulting and solutions company with its worldwide headquarters in Atlanta, GA and other locations in Kingston, Jamaica, London, UK, and South Africa. BI Brainz uses a proprietary formula evolved over many years and 100’s of successful implementations to help organizations achieve analytics success.


Founded: 2014

Natasia Malaihollo, Co-founder & CEO

City: Covington, KY

Raised: $2.1M

Wyzerr is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on turning consumer, employee, and customer feedback data into real-time insights. Wyzerr’s proprietary technology can adapt questions to each individuals’ responses, empowering brands with richer feedback that can be acquired in less than 60 seconds per survey at the point of sale and on the go.



Founded: 2012

Rodney Williams, Founder & Executive Chairman

City: Oakland, CA

Raised:  $14.4M

LISNR powers transactions and connects the online to offline customer journey globally with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform. Its sound based technology was originally created to send micro-communications to a variety of devices quickly and easily. Utilizing proprietary software, data is encoded into inaudible “tones”, which transmit then decode the data using only standard speakers and microphones.


Founded: 2013

KG Charles-Harris, Founder & CEO

City: San Francisco, CA

Quarrio has created an Automated Data Analyst in a Box that makes the report writer function in enterprises redundant. Business users asks questions in ordinary English, and the system answers in English with auto-generated charts and graphs.


Founded: 2012

Thomas K.R. Stovall, Founding Partner

City: Chicago, IL


CANDID Cup turns any audience (customers, employees, other business connections) over any medium (print, digital screens, online videos or ads, text messages, social media, etc) into an instant focus group within minutes. No sign-ups or downloads necessary to use the platform.


Founded: 2016


Everette Taylor, Founder​ & Serial Entrepreneur

City: Los Angeles

PopSocial is a social media software company that helps thousands of brands and individuals grow their presence on social media. PopSocial prides itself in being affordable solution that provides users a stress-free experience. 

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Founded: 2015

Closed: 2017

Jason William Johnson, Founder & CEO

City: Chicago, IL

Konveau is an app that uses personality type and personal interests to help people connect at social gatherings. 

Simi Adejumo.jpg


Founded: 2015 

Closed: 2017

Simi Adejumo, Co-founder

City: Lagos, Nigeria

Raised: $10K (Angel Investors)

Aajoh is improving access and quality of healthcare in Africa. By turning your mobile phone into your personal medical doctor, thus you receive personalized medical diagnosis and treatment, eliminate hospital queues and above all save money.


Founded: 2013

Salah Eddine Cherkaoui, Founder

City: Casablanca, Morrocco is an ecommerce search engine which allows users to look for products on online shopping websites in an ergonomic and user-friendly way. 


Founded: 2016

Acquired by Infor

Ian Folau, Cofounder & CEO

Nwamaka Imasogie, Cofounder & CTO

City: New York, NY

Raised: $612K

GitLinks is an open source risk management platform. The SaaS platform auto-detects open source used by developers in a company's applications and provides a real-time inventory list. It then tracks updates, licenses, and security vulnerabilities, alerting managers to legal compliance and security risks embedded in their products.


Founded: 2014

Russell Ladson, CEO

City: San Francisco

Drop is a HTC portfolio company that has built an immersive internet searching and browsing experience for virtual and augmented realities. In other words, it's the "Google Chrome for VR/AR."


Founded: 2017

Kai Frazier, Founder

City: San Francisco

Curated x Kai VR field trips allow students to explore diverse museums, exhibitions, landmarks & memorials. The company believes accessibility & inclusion in education should be a priority and not an afterthought. By utilizing virtual reality to highlight diverse experiences around the world, students are exposed to new ideas, locations, and sounds at an early age.

Curated x Kai goes beyond accessibility, tailoring each immersive experiences to serve as a supplemental classroom resource. Each virtual classroom connects the dots between school curriculums and the world around us.





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