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Established in 2015, Black Tech Mecca is a data-driven think tank serving and mobilizing the Black Tech Community in cities around the world. For more information, visit



Fabian Elliott is a ‘Hybrid Entrepreneur’ as Co-Founder & CEO of Black Tech Mecca Inc. and an Advertising Technology Consultant at Google. In his ad-tech consulting capacity, he works with top tier clients like Target, Ford, Kimberly Clark, and others to better leverage their consumer data to drive their digital advertising strategies. 

His latest endeavor entails transferring the expertise he used to drive change within the world’s most valuable company to the city he has come to love, by leading the charge to build thriving black tech ecosystems in Chicago and beyond. His organization, Black Tech Mecca, is the world’s only data driven think tank focused on the black tech community. They leverage data to better connect local tech ecosystems to the needs of black tech practitioners through research, education and advocacy. 

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Dineo is the Co-Founder & Education Director for Black Tech Mecca, a data-driven think tank aiming to democratize the technology sector for the Black community through research, advocacy, and education. She is most passionate about creating diverse spaces in tech to collaborate, learn, expand, and create. She is known for her leadership, strategic thinking skills, authenticity, and courage. She is a team player and a unifier for Blacks in technology.

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Launched May 2017, Welcome to THE PATH is a media platform and digital community exploring the impact and influence of pan-African culture in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, economics, and tech within the U.S. and around the globe.  

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