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His life goal is simply, to be the best at what he was placed on earth to be. Keanon Kyles wants to inspire, motivate and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to go out into the world everyday and be GREAT! Smile when it’s the hardest, work even when it doesn’t seem like it will pay off (IT WILL) and never forget your dreams, goals and aspirations! Through his music Keanon aims to fulfill and give life, share love and speak to souls over musical notes from all over the world. As an international opera singer and founder of the non profit, Voice with Keanon, Keanon Kyles continues to twist norms and break stereotypes, every single day.

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What happens when you mix a passion for celebrating blackness, slaying the status quo, championing marginalized groups, mild sauce, with a splash of side-eye to pop culture shenanigans? You get Joi’ Has Questions. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, she was introduced to the blatant disparities against people of color and was taught to question the, who, what, where, when, and why of it all!

From developing her social commentary on Instagram, where she would inspire others to use their minds and think, she’s currently the creator and host of the podcast, Joi’ Has Questions, where she motivates people to follow their passions, along with interviewing fellow change agents, tired of being fed b.s. by the powers that be, and ready to empower the disenfranchised by any means necessary.

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Launched May 2017, Welcome to THE PATH is a media platform and digital community exploring the impact and influence of pan-African culture in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, economics, and tech within the U.S. and around the globe.  

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