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5 Free-to-Affordable Apps that Make Design Easy.

Affordable creative resources are a necessity for any business as they allow entrepreneurs to bring to life the brand in a visually compelling way. In today's world of plug and play solutions, the need to engage designers is slowly diminishing; as is the need to learn the inner workings of the Adobe Creative Suite. With a growing list of free-to-affordable creative tools and resources on the market it can be equally difficult to discern which platforms are easy to navigate and which require a manual to understand.

Here are our top recommendations for the best creative resource guaranteed to enhance the visual ID of your business and/or brand.

CANVA (FREEish) - Canva is the biggest and probably most valuable gem on this list. Why? Because their platform literally makes any and everyone a designer. On Canva, users can create high quality professional content for all social channels and websites. Canva also allows users to create logos, share designs amongst team members, upload brand guidelines (fonts, colors, etc.), and create and publish documents all with the click of a button. There are thousands of templates to choose from. It's easy, simple, and most of the platform's functionality can be accessed for free. Monthly plans range from $9.95 to $12.95.

From blog templates, to ebooks, Canva has everything you need.

Pexels (FREE) - One of the biggest challenges every creatively minded entrepreneur faces is where to grab images that they can own and use. Well, Pexels makes this easier. offers free stock photos and videos for editorial and commercial use. While the images offered may lack a real depth of diversity, the quality is absolutely surperb.

Twenty20 (PAID) - Twenty20 doesn't disappoint. Similar to Pexels, Twenty20 offers real-world stock photos to help a brand tell a compelling story. Twenty20's offers images that are diverse, dynamic, and engaging. The priciest option on the list, Twenty20 image arsenal includes 45M crowd sourced images from more than 300K+ photographers. Plans start at $149 per month.

Verse (FREEish) - With Verse, the ability to create 100% immersive brand videos is at your finger tips. Verse is a cloud-base video storytelling platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create video content. With a user friendly interface and affordable pricing plans, Verse is definitely worth checking out.

Animoto (PAID) - Last but not least we are adding Animoto to the list. Animoto makes it easy to create great instructional videos, slideshows, and video content for social. It's seamless interface and design tools offer flexibility to users. It is also super affordable. Plans start at just $8 per month for 720p quality video.

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