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Podcast: African's Building Africa. Episode 25

How a young fearless Guinean is modernizing Guinea with an #Uber like company.

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As Aissatou Khairy Diallo mentioned in French “Vous n’allez jamais recontrer une personne aussi patriotic que moi” meaning you will never find someone as patriotic as her, shows the love she has for her country, Guinea. Growing up in the United States, she has always represented her country from school to her participation in Guinean associations.

A year after graduating from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Aisssatou has decided to go back to Guinea to start a company, Cabco Guinea, a transportation company with over 20 employees now offering general transportation services such as private vehicles for hire which operates from Guinea’s airport, malls, hotels, restaurants to her client’s destination and vice versa.

With all the odds against her such as being a female entrepreneur, lack of capital, setting up the first call center in Guinea, and first time entrepreneur etc.. Aissatou has always found ways to motivate herself and come up with creative solutions to her challenges.

Listen to Episode 25 here.

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