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How Equity Crowdfunding Increases Options For Underrepresented Tech Entrepreneurs

Darell Austin Jr.’s life as an entrepreneur began in 2013 after he went through his third and final layoff within a short period.

A business analyst at a Wall Street firm, Austin was tired of having to depend on someone else’s company to sustain the necessities of life.

So he co-founded Bluurp, a social networking app targeting black people. Bluurp lets users share to various social platforms with the push of a button. Users can post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, and share videos from YouTube, songs from Spotify, and photos across Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr.

“This last layoff provided me with insight into the vicious cycle of unemployment,” Austin, 36, told Moguldom. “I really wanted the ability to design the type of life that I desired without the restrictions that working for someone else creates. This was my trigger to be a co-founder of Bluurp.”

Austin said he hopes that Bluurp is going to change the way information is shared on the web. He said he thinks Bluurp will be disruptive in the sharing space, and will also provide easy ways of discovering great content.

Bluurp’s main competitors are social media management services like....Continue reading on

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