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Can Jessica O. Matthews Build Harlem's First Billion Dollar Startup?

In September 2016, Uncharted Play, a company that makes energy-generating products, raised $7 million in a series A financing round and became the 13th company with a black female founder to raise more than $1 million in outside investment.

At that point, founder Jessica O. Matthews was faced with a choice. Many people assumed she'd move the company's office, which was based in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood, out west to Silicon Valley, where venture-backed firms are concentrated. But given her background, she says she felt out of place in that world. She decided to stay in New York and move the company uptown to Harlem -- a neighborhood not exactly known for being a startup ecosystem.

Uncharted Play, founded in 2011, makes systems that can harness renewable energy from motion to power infrastructure or consumer goods. For instance, the first product, a soccer ball, contained technology that captured energy as it rolled and transferred it to an internal battery.

While the company started with two play-focused products -- one being the soccer ball and the other a jump rope, which also transferred rotational energy to a battery -- it's since moved onto bigger solutions, like integrating its proprietary technology into speed bumps, sidewalks and more. The goal is to make sustainable energy accessible to all, especially those who live off the grid.

Today, toward her mission of giving individuals control over their futures, Uncharted Play invests heavily in the Harlem community and has even set up a nonprofit, the Harlem Tech Fund, with the aim of growing the tech talent pool in the neighborhood.

Someday, Matthews says she hopes Uncharted Play will become Harlem's first billion-dollar tech company. Here's what she's learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey so far.

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