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Why I invested in a start-up and how it paid off

“Don’t wait for an opportunity, make it!

- Dennis Kimbro, Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice

Over the years investing in start-ups was historically available for the uber-wealthy and people with strong venture capital connections. Being curious to stay ahead of the technology curve I wanted to learn as much as possible about investing in early stage technology companies but I didn’t know where to start. So I did extensive research which kickstarted me to save up a few dollars and see if I could choose wisely a profitable seed round company and this is what I learned.

Partpic Team

Nothing you’re about to read is intended to portray me as an investing expert and this is only my story.

Back in 2014, I read a pitch deck from an upcoming startup based in Atlanta, GA name Part Pic founded by Jewel Burks and Jason McCain. Part Pic developed a sophisticated software that takes a photo of a specific screw or bolt and the technology recognizes the part by the name and number of the part which traditionally was curated by a phone book size order catalog.

At the time I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa and would visit the United States once or twice a year to catch up with work and friends and family. Ironic because that is what they call the first stage of startup investing, the “friends and family” round in hopes to get seed funding that will take your idea from prototype to full development and eventually on the market.

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