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Bae App finds platform growth through recent acquisition

You can pop the hood of almost any tech company boasting large amounts of success and easily see that they’ve had a couple of acquisitions along the way. Why create it in-house when someone else has already created it for you, and in most cases, better?

That’s what happened with the black singles dating app, Bae which was recently acquired by Tagged, a social app with one of the largest African-American user bases.

But, if your user base is so large, why acquire a company with a smaller base that, in essence, does exactly what you do? Well, there was a little more to the acquisition than just the numbers. It also came with the talent. After seeing the buzz and marketing genius surrounding Bae, Tagged decided that the founders Brian and Justin Gerrard should be part of the deal in an acquisition that is traditionally known as an “acqui-hire.”

Black Enterprise caught up with entrepreneur and former BE Modern Man, Brian Gerrard to discuss his new role at Tagged which is now under The Meet Group umbrella.

Tell me a little bit about your background.

Brian Gerrard: I am an entrepreneur, speaker and BE Modern Man. I have been building tech products for nearly a decade because it’s what I love to do. I currently lead product marketing at The Meet Group.

What made you initially decide to start Bae?

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