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She's 28 with a Million Dollar side hustle

Luisa Zhou built a $100K+ coaching business within four months while working her full-time job, reaching $1 million-dollars seven months later. Here's how she did it.

Luisa’s Side Hustle Story

At 25, Luisa was making a six-figure salary leading a corporate team. Despite her success, she felt conflicted, unchallenged and suppressed. “Not even just my creative side. It was my everything. Most of us have so many skills, but most jobs just require a certain subset of them. All my outlets, all my potential was not completely being used.”

Then, several family health emergencies happened in close succession and she didn’t have the vacation time to be with them. Realizing she couldn’t be there for the people she loved through illness and possibly loss clarified her desire for autonomy. “I decided I had to do this for my family. If I decide to ever have children in the future, I need to do this for them.”

Luisa attended a conference for online entrepreneurs. During a Q&A session, successful people on stage fielded questions from a long line of the aspiring. “The only difference between the people off stage and the people on stage was that the people on stage had taken action and moved forward despite their fears.” It inspired her to push past the plateau of trying and to do it herself.

Using the same skills she was using at her job, Luisa started offering digital advertising consulting at As her side business grew and people began seeking her advice for building their businesses, she expanded into teaching others how to build their own service- or education-based businesses. Utilizing her motivational savvy and business smarts, she was soon skyrocketing careers - including her own.

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