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Here Are A Few Stories That Will Inspire You To Take The Next Step

...and remind you to follow your dreams.

There's power in our voices and righteousness in our dreams. Our ideas have merit and even if the world isn't paying attention, or just doesn't understand, we still have to act and believe. If the last decade has taught us anything, it is that no one has to settle for what they are given. We can OWN and CREATE new realities for ourselves and communities. The next three stories represent why starting, even in the face of uncertainty, is so important. Take the next five minutes and get inspired.

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Black Enterprise: She Started a PR Agency with Absolutely No Contacts…And She Persisted

Kerstyn Dioulo is the founder of Glow Connection, a NYC-based public relations and management agency. Six years ago she signed singer/actor, Rotimi, best known for his role as Dre on Starz’s hit show Power.

Considering Dioulo started the agency with no background in entertainment or contacts, Black Enterprise caught up with the PR innovator for a few tips on developing and maintaining relationships.

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