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Here Are a Few Stories That Will Inspire You To Keep Going

Entrepreneurship is more than just spiffy Facebook statuses and clever IG memes. Ask anyone who's in it, for real, and they will tell you that entrepreneurship is a process were debilitating moments are far too common. When you are building something from scratch or championing change from the inside, moments of frustration will almost always rival moments of triumph. But as with everything else in life, we are not defined by WHAT happens to us but HOW we choose to handle it. We've curated a few examples of entrepreneurs who have weathered the storm only to find the rainbow on the other side.

As always, stay empowered.

Angela Benton, Founder - NewMe Accelerator

INC Magazine's Women's Summit

There are moments in life were everything stops and you are forced to recalibrate. For Angela Benton, founder of the NewMe Accelerator and author of "Revival", the moment came via a surprise cancer diagnosis.


Having cancer set Angela Benton, founder and CEO of NewMe Accelerator, on a new path. Prioritizing her time in her life and business became essential.

It's a well known fact that Black Women founders represent less than 1% of the total investment dollars within the startup ecosystem, yet remain the most entrepreneurial demographic segment within America. Somehow, against the odds, these seven women didn't just secure funding, they also built companies worth acquiring.

Check them out.

Seven Black Women Whose Companies Were Successfully Acquired

Lauren Washington | Medium

A black woman in tech who has raised over $1 million for her company is considered a unicorn. Those whose companies have been acquired are even more rare. In a time when M&A is the new IPO, the number of black women who have had successful exits is as much a celebration of their accomplishments as it as a measure of the industry’s progress.

Acquisitions don’t happen in a vacuum. They are often the result of access to a strong network, funding, social proof, company visibility and knowledge of, or guidance through, the process. Black women founders are less likely to have access to the funding and resources they need to create a strong company which leads to an uneven playing field at all stages of their startups.

In spite of those odds, these seven women have traversed the acquisition waters and come out on top.

Celebrate them by sharing their stories: Read More Here.

Evita Robinson | TEDX - Reclaiming the globe

The black travel moment is real, but like everything else associated with the black experience, #travelingwhileblack also comes with its challenges. When black millennials travel internationally they carry not just the weight of their passports, but also the weight of every single stereotype used to define their "blackness", regardless of country of origin. Every movement has its champion. For the black travel moment, Evita Robinson happens to be it.



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