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Meet the Young Woman Running Akon’s $80 Million Dollar Brand

There is a popular saying that goes like…behind every successful man, there is a woman… For as long as this adage has existed, different generations interpret it to best suit the general standard of living and social expectations of their time. For the younger generation, it has been established that an even more successful woman can not just be behind the successful man but can very well be by his side or in front of him.

For many years, the ideal woman who comes to mind anytime this adage is said is the figure of a wife in a man’s life, but women of the new generation like Khady Thiam Gueye are changing that perception. Aside from running her own successful businesses with plans to expand her entrepreneurial wings, Khady Thiam Gueye works hard behind the scenes for her brother Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam popularly known to the world as Akon.

Recently, news surfaced that Akon’s brand is worth $80 million as of 2018, but the singer turned business mogul can’t take all the credit for that. Despite working hard and always being in the spotlight, the secret is out that most of his brand’s executive strategies and deals that reap in great profits are all thanks to his sister Khady Thiam Gueye.

A quick search for her on Twitter sums up everything about her; she gets things done!

Being the sister of two successful brothers, Akon and Abou Thiam, popularly known as “Bu”, the executive music industry “lord”, it comes as no surprise that Khady Thiam Gueye is making heads turn in whatever room she decides to enter.

Aside from her enchanting beauty, Khady is Chief Operating Officer for KonLive and Chief Brand Officer for Bu Vision Entertainment. She is also a strategic solutions consultant for various top brands, entrepreneurs as well as influencers giving tips on how to start, manage, grow and maintain their brands. To top it all up, Khady is the founder of TMI Worldwide, a consulting firm that was originally called True Media Independence.




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