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The scope of our Social Impact database is broad - covering companies that provide funding, extend access to services, and/or empower communities of color on a global scale.

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*Note: Founder information and company descriptions are pulled from LinkedIn and/or company websites and reflects the language of each entity. Funding information is sourced from Crunchbase, Venture for Africa, and/or other reputable news outlets. All information provide is 100% curated by THE PATH. Lists will be continuously updated, with new companies and founders added throughout the month.



Founded: 2016

Yeshimabeit Milner, Founder

City: New York

Data for Black Lives is a group of activists, organizers, and mathematicians committed to the mission of using data science to create concredte and measurable change in the lives of Black people.


Founded: 2012

Felecia Hatcher, Co-founder

Derick Pearson, Co-founder

City: Miami, FL

Code Fever places emphasis on creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship and network development, and in increasing # of minority professionals in STEM.


Founded: 2009

Kelly Burton, Principal

City: Atlanta

Nexus Research Group (NRG) is an impact consulting firm, specializing in helping our clients carry out meaningful social change in low-wealth communities and communities of color.


Founded: 2014

Lee Cooley, Principal & Founder

City: Charlotte, NC

Catalyst Development is a digital growth partner for small-medium sized business, non-profits, social ventures, and startups.


Founded: 2014

Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Founder & Executive Director

City: Washington D.C.

The Young, Black and Giving Back Institute (YBGB) equips, inspires, and empowers young black professionals, influencers, social entrepreneurs, and activists to effectively invest in changing their communities through civic leadership and philanthropy.


Founded: 2014

Donald Fleurantin, Co-founder

City: New York, NY


Geeks Rule promotes the study of and engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among underserved youth.


Founded: 2008


Manyang Kher, Founder

City: Richmond, VA

Humanity Helping Sudan aims to improve the lives of Sudanese refugees and attempts to battle the problems of an entire displaced population. Humanity Helping Sudan runs on the ground programs at refugee camps where they provide fishing nets, agricultural programs, and community gardens, reaching 40,000 displaced people. 


Founded: 2011

Jessica O. Matthews, Founder & CEO

City: New York

Raised: $7M​ (Series A)

Uncharted Power is an award-winning, power company. Through its proprietary MORE technology, Uncharted Power uses its renewable kinetic energy solutions to power microgrids for communities, large facilities and the Internet of Things.  

Laura Weidman Powers.jpeg

CODE 2040

Founded: 2012

Laura Weidman Powers, Co-founder

City: San Francisco

Raised: $8.9M

Code2040 is a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure the full representation and leadership of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy by creating pathways to their educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in tech.

BLUE 1647

Founded: 2011

Emile Cambry Jr., Co-founder

City: Chicago, IL

BLUE1647(TM) is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared coworking-services).


Founded: 2012

Kelley O. Cambry, Cofounder & CEO

Rachel O. Williams, Cofounder & COO (not pictured)

City: Evanston, IL

Paige & Paxton offers STEM curriculum, content, events and a supportive community to schools, youth organizations, business leaders, and parents, specifically designed for Pre-K through 2nd-grade children.


Founded: 2015

Natasha M. Stone, Co-founder & COO (not pictured)

Jemima Laurent, Co-Founder & CEO

City: New York, NY

College Lingual works with first-generation American students addressing the social and emotional aspect of transitioning out of high school.


Founded: 2014

Rhoden Monrose, Founder & CEO

City: New York, NY

Cariclub is a technology platform helping solve one of the biggest challenges facing companies – attracting and retaining the workforce of the future.


Founded: 2015

Chike Ukaegbu, Founder

City: New York, NY

Startup52 is an early-stage accelerator based in New York City. As the first sole diversity-focused accelerator in NYC, Startup52 aims to identify and groom outstanding entrepreneurs, especially those from untapped and under-tapped communities in tech.


Founded: 2015

Kezia Williams, CEO

City: Washington D.C.

The Black Upstart aims to increase the number of Black-owned businesses that have the capacity to employ others. Through their upStart curriculum and the upStart bootcamp, the organization trains aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start a profitable and successful business.


Founded: 2017

Anndrea Moore, Founder & CEO

City: San Francisco, CA

Black Tech Women is the premier international community for black women in the technology ecosystem to connect, learn, and grow. With 3000+ members since the March 2017 launch,Black Tech Women engages and develops members with national events, job opportunities, and monthly articles on tech.


Founded: 2013

Pandwe Gibson, PhD., Founder & President

City: Miami, FL

EcoTech Visions creates and offers innovative programs and services that simultaneously tackle climate change and systemic poverty, while furthering economic development in the regions that it serves.


Founded: 2016

Britney Robbins, Founder & CEO

City: Chicago, IL

The Gray Matter Experience is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to exposeAfrican American high school students to entrepreneurship by allowing them access to Black professionals, entrepreneurs, resources and opportunities that help grow their entrepreneurial interests and inspire them to create businesses that help change the landscape of underrepresented neighborhoods across Chicago.


Founded: 2016

Tiffany Smith, Founder & CEO

City: Washington D.C.

Raised: $100K

Tiltas is a Twilio-integrated platform that connects non-profit service providers to the formerly incarcerated with their clients via text messaging.


Founded: 2012

Frederick Hutson, Founder & CEO

City: Las Vegas

Raised: N/A

Pigeonly collects and organizes data on the nation’s incarcerated, transforming it into us able information we use to powers products that benefit inmates and society.


Founded: 2014

Rose Afriyie, Co-founder & Executive Director

Genevieve Nielsen, Co-founder & CTO (not pictured)

Marina Goldshteyn, Co-founder Emeritus (not pictured)

City: Chicago, IL

Raised: $120K 

mRELIEF is a nonprofit startup working to help people gain access to social services and eat with dignity.


Founded: 2014

Euler Bropleh, Founder 

City: Chicago, IL

​VestedWorld is an investment fund focused on investing in early-stage companies within emerging markets that are in industries that are core to any growing economy (e.g., manufacturing, agribusiness, packaged goods, etc.). Currently, we have six portfolio companies in four countries (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana), and are seeking to grow our portfolio in East and West Africa, with a long-term goal of expanding to other emerging and developing markets. 


Founded: 2015

Damola Ogundipe, Co-founder & CEO

Yemi Adewunmi, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Shawntera Hardy, Co-founder & Head of Strategy (not pictured)

Ken Thompson, Co-founder & Lead Engineer (not pictured)

City: Minneapolis, MN

At Civic Eagle is on a mission to use technology to promote better democratic outcomes for people and their communities.


Founded: 2011

Marcus Bullock, Founder & CEO

City: Washington D.C.

Raised: $100K

Flikshop is the first mobile app to keep families connected to their loved ones that are incarcerated. The app is free and allows families to take a photo, type a note, and send to their loved ones. Flikshop takes this personal "smile" and mails a real tangible photo postcard to a loved one in prison for only .99 cent.


Founded: 2014

Afua Osei, Co-founder (right)

Yasmin Belo-Osagie, Co-founder (left)

City: Lagos, Nigeria

She Leads Africa is a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. With engaging online content and pan-African events, their vision is to become the #1 destination for smart and ambitious young women.


Founded: 2014

Chika Umeadi, Co-founder (not pictured)

Adebayo Dawodu, Co-founder & CTO (not pictured)

Chinedu Enekwe, Co-founder & Board member

City: Washington D.C.

tiphub is an innovation factory based Washington DC that supports both technology and social enterprise led innovation in African markets and the African diaspora. tiphub leverages the Diaspora and the dynamic Washington DC international development ecosystem to provide funding, business training, mentors, an accelerator program and consulting services.


Founded: 2015

Gene Wade, Founder

City: Oackland, CA

UniversityNow ensures that affordable, high quality post-secondary education is available to people everywhere. To accomplish this, they have built a network of the most affordable and accessible accredited universities in the world, starting with the launch of New Charter University and Patten University.


Founded: 2016

Sherrell Dorsey, President & CEO

City: Charlotte, NC

BlkTech Interactive creates an inclusive ecosystem of dope startup founders, committed leaders and engaged citizens moving North Carolina forward. Serving an audience of over 2,000 black technologists and entrepreneurs, the aim is to create and grow high-quality, high-growth startups led by people of color by equipping leaders with the technical and soft skills required to build strong teams and leverage local assets to grow and sustain business that create jobs and transform communities.


Founded: 2008

Lawrence Adjah , Founder & Chairman

City: New York, NY

Family Dinner Foundation, Inc is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to connect the world as a family at and beyond the dinner table. 

Inspired by the growing epidemic of loneliness and isolation, the foundation launched its first initiative, Our Family Dinner in 2008, focused on improving the well-being of individuals by facilitating family inspired citywide and neighborhood-based dinners in major cities all over the world. 


Founded: 2015

Fabian Elliott, Co-founder & CEO

Dineo Seakamela, Co-founder & Education Director

City: Chicago, IL

Black Tech Mecca uses data to identify challenges impacting how black tech practitioners integrate into the local tech ecosystem. As the only Tech Think Tank dedicated to quantifying the impact of Black communities in the tech world, Black Tech Mecca champions tech empowerment by crafting solutions that fill the gaps and spearhead change.


Founded: 2015

Thomas K.R. Stovall​, Founding Partner

City: Chicago, IL

I'm Black In Tech is a Chicago-based  global membership organization that supports, celebrates and educates Black and Latinx founders. It's membership base spans 40+ states and 11 countries.

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